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Abstract: This essay documents the pragmatic empiricism of fifteenth-century Cracow astronomy and natural philosophy on the questions of the reality of celestial spheres and models. In this pragmatic tradition at Cracow Copernicus acquainted himself with the problems that led eventually (which is to say about fifteen years after he l [...] Read more.
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Konstantina Stavroulaki, Catherine Santanello
Abstract: The World Health Organization has emphasized the importance of screening water used for agricultural purposes in order to prevent potential water-borne and food-bone outbreaks.1 These outbreaks are linked to a variety of pathogens, especially Gram-negative bacteria, protozoa, and viruses. Multiple pathogenic strains of Esch [...] Read more.
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Dr. Luis Fernando García-Frade Ruiz
Abstract: Probably, a “brain at the limit” and its organic manifestation that could perhaps be called more appropriately as “REDIS”, represent from an integral point of view of the human being, the first entity with a clear relationship between what one feels, emotions, the brain, behavior and physical discomfort, a syndrome perhaps [...] Read more.
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Emmanuel Saucedo-Flores
Abstract: An in depth look to the quantum behavior of a particle in a unidimensional finite, square box of potential energy is presented. Wave function normalization constants are fully determined and are used to establish an expression to calculate the particle allowed energy eigenstates based in the confinement condition for each o [...] Read more.
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Yu Liao
Abstract: 70 years after the founding of the People's Republic of China, China's education has undergone tremendous changes. After a long period of efforts, China's overall development level of the basic education ranks among the top in the world. With the implementation of the 14th five-year plan for China's National Economic and So [...] Read more.
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Pereira, Adalmiro, Vaz, Ângela, Moreira, Eládio, Mendonça, Hugo, Pacheco, João, Carvalho, Ricardo
Abstract: The purpose of this plan is to foresee and predict the next five years of the company's life and, in this way, to understand how it and the products/services produced by it have evolved over that period of time. With the completion of this work, based on the assumptions, we created a business plan for our company, “4Factor [...] Read more.
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Guillermo Diaz
Abstract: This paper describes the composition of the Guatemalan social pyramid in the 21st century, built from a class scheme elaborated based on occupational categories and a social stratification carried out according to income and education. The data were obtained from population censuses and employment and income surveys, from t [...] Read more.
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Xi Xia, Feng Wan, Jianhui Yan, Hongmei Xu, KaiDi Hu
Abstract: SiCf/AlPO4 composites were fabricated using a hot laminating process with MWCNTs as the absorber. A coating prepared from SiO2+SiC+Al (H2PO4)3 was applied to the surface of SiCf/AlPO4 composites prior to an anti-oxidation test at 1373 K [...] Read more.
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Yu Liao
Abstract: Leaders need to lead people to achieve organizational goals. Strong influence is a common feature of good leaders. The influence comes from the powerful image of the leader through his words and deeds, In the world's big power game, Russian leader Putin showed strong leadership and was admired and admired by the people, whi [...] Read more.
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